They say that one way to check a city’s liveability is if whether it has dedicated bike lines or if the city allows for biking commutes. Australia has long been proud of its love for bikes even way before it became a fad everywhere else. However, this meant that the demand for it has also risen and so are the competitors in the market. While this ensures that there are a lot of varieties on the table and that everyone’s preferences are addressed for, it can also make bike buying a little bit of a task. If you are on the market for a road bike – bikes that are specifically made for a paved terrain – then here are some factors you may consider.

First and foremost, you have to be more concrete on what your bike usage would be mostly for. Bike forms are made for certain conditions. Road bikes have skinny tires and lowered handlebars for speed and efficiency. These are then divided to either competition bikes or endurance bikes. Competition bikes put its rider in a hunched over position to keep them out of the wind. Endurance bikes allow for an upright riding position and easier gearing. Endurance road bikes are the most common ones in the market. Another bike type is the mountain bike. These bikes have a more advanced suspension system because they are made for difficult, uneven, and rough terrain. No matter the type of bike you are looking for you can always find a wide range of bikes for sale at Reid Cycles online shop. Be sure to keep an eye out for good deals on reliable brands once you have decided which type of bike best suits you.

If you have decided on the type, then let’s talk money. Price is definitely everyone’s deciding factor on which bike to get. Bikes in the market could go for as low as $300 up to $1400. But before you go for the cheapest one on the list, you have to remember that bikes are one of the things where the saying ‘you get what you paid for’ applies. While there are bikes out there that are good for the wallet but still has good quality, you have to remember that you are buying a bike for longevity. You do not necessarily have to buy the most expensive bike but the price does mean something when it comes to bike parts. If you feel like you are going to be a serious cyclist, allow a bigger budget than you would someone who is just going to ‘try’ cycling on for size.

You should also be mindful of the accessories you may need for your bike, if you visit this bike accessories page then it will help you get an idea of things which will come in handy while riding your bicycle. Some common accessories are water bottle holders, lights and reflectors, locks, bike pumps and kick stands.

Bikes come in all shapes and sizes. They are not exactly a one size fits all kind of thing. If you get a bike that is too small or too big for you, then you will certainly not have a delightful ride. While bikes usually allow for adjustments in the saddles and stems, the frame sizes should be your foremost concern. Fortunately, bike manufacturers have made it easier for the public to determine what size goes best for certain heights. Typically, a 170cm – 183cm person can perfectly fit on a medium to the large bike frame. Sizes go all the way from XS (163cm and below) up to XL (191cm and above).